▪ Refrigerants situation points out R744 as one of the refrigerants for the Refrigeration industry in the near future.
▪ Technical and safety requirements, plus increasing footprint costs per square meter, leave less and less space for conventional machine rooms.
▪ Safety standards for complete CO2 installations bring new challenges for contractors in terms of certification of their installation on site, mainly on the high-pressure side, taking too many costs and time onsite in terms of specialized labour.
▪ Centauro’s answer to these new challenges is the V-Rack CO2 transcritical pack, tailor’s made and customized “industrial CO2 split” for protected area at floor level or roof top installation, pre-fabricated, electrified, tested and with setting of main parameters both from Centauro and its customer. On the top of it, no special road transport is required up to a 600kW gas cooler.
▪ Exhibited V-Rack will be later installed in Centauro GUTLAB (Green Usefull Technologies Laboratory and Training Centre), connected to the refrigerant system of a full-sized convenience store with chilling and/or freezing display cabinets, reach-in cabinets, multi-deck units, cold rooms, remote coolers installed in the calorimeter and last but not least, a new generation of klima coolers (cooling & heating).

▪ Capacidade em média temperatura: 40kW
▪ Capacidade em baixa temperatura: 10kW
▪ 1x compressor de 4 cilindros em baixa temp.
▪ 2x compressores de 4 cilindros em média temp.
▪ 1x compressor de 4 cilindros em paralelo
▪ Gas cooler montado e ligado
▪ Multi-ejector
▪ Capota insonorizada
▪ Painel de controlo incorporado
▪ VSD nos compressores principais
▪ PS de 29, 60 e 120bar (BT-MT-AT)
▪ Medium temperature capacity: 40kW
▪ Low temperature capacity: 10kW
▪ 1x 4 cylinder compressor in low temp.
▪ 2x 4 cyinder compressors in medium temp.
▪ 1x 4 cyinder compressor in parallel
▪ Mounted and connected gas cooler
▪ Multi-ejector
▪ Insonorized weatherproof housing
▪ Incorporated control panel
▪ VSD on lead compressors
▪ PS of 29, 60 and 120bar (LT-MT-HT)