Our export policy is based on a strong production center based in Castelo Branco – Portugal supported by our agents in each export market.



1. We are an OEM / Manufacturer of components for Refrigeration and HVAC (coils, unit coolers, condensers, fluid coolers, dry coolers) and:

a) We import Bitzer and Frascold compressors to produce refrigeration racks (piston and screw compressors), condensing units and split systems.
b) We import air socks for air distribution in picking rooms (100 000 m3 and more) or processing areas by means of our special air coolers MTAC with centrifugal fans (DX and fluid coolers).
c) We are both in HCFC / HFC and R717 business.
d) We do have unique products such as “round coolers and condensers”, medium/low temperature unit coolers MTAC range (DX and fluid coolers) for air socks application with centrifugal fans or for example, heavy duty blast chillers and blast freezers “taylor’s made” designed.
e) We produce coils with tube and fins in different combinations such as:

* Copper tube / Aluminium fins
* Copper tube / Coated aluminium fins
* Stainless Steel tubes / Aluminium fins (R717)

2. We are ISO 9001 companies and our product has CE marking.

3. Our company was founded in 1978 and production started in 1980.

4. We have 180 people working (white and blue collars) with a covered area of 35 000 m2 in Castelo Branco industrial estate, plus 6 000 m2 in our former factory.

5. Our annual turnover is around 20.000 000 EUR. We know with right partners we can easily increase this value by means of installed production capacity.

6. All our production facilities have a certified quality assessment system:

* Starting 1993 - ISO 9002
* Starting 1998 - ISO 9001
* Starting 2003 - ISO 9001:2000
* Starting 2004 - notified body ISQ(0028) inrems of welding/Directive 97/23/CE
* Starting 2008 - ISO 9001:2008
* Starting 2016 - ISO 9001:2015

7. We are looking for partners to promote either our brand name and/or an alternative one, as we do in several countries for commercial reasons.

8. In general terms and maybe because our first export market was United Kingdom in 1984 and than Holland, we are very much “conservative” in terms of duties and construction standards:

8.1. Because we comply to most exigent safety and “leak free equipment” construction norms we use wt of copper tubes in line with PED -Directive 97/23/CE,both in smooth or innergrooved tubes(innergrooved tubes available since 2008)

* 5/16 (7.9 mm OD)
* 3/8 (9.525 mm OD)
* 1/2 (12.7 mm OD)
* 5/8 (15.15 mm OD)

8.2. We use stainless steel tubes 316 L(304 L under demand) with wall thicness in line with PED-Directive 97/23/CE as it follows:

* 12.7 mm OD (available up to ends of 2010)
* 15.1 mm OD (since 2001)
* 22.22 mm OD(since 2001)
IMP:Quality assessement by notified body ISQ(0028)

8.3. Our capillary tubes for expansion valve distributors are not 0.6 mm wt. but 1.0 mm.

8.4. Our collectors (DIN 8905) are heavy gauge.

8.5. Our brazing system complies to last state of the art and undergoes with certification of procedures and brazers by an external official authority--ISQ

THIS MAKE A RELIABLE PRODUCT IN TERMS OF TUBE AND FIN HEAT EXCHANGERS, free of leaks, resistant, suitable for heavy duty usage.

9. Our experience in Refrigeration field in such different countries as Portugal, Spain, U.K., Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Brazil and Central Africa, gave us an enormous flexibility to adjust to each market demand and to be able to think, design and produce special solutions for it.

10. We still believe in the relevant aspect of keeping convenient stocks to support production and GUARANTEE quick deliveries, for specials and/or standards. “STOCK ZERO / JUST IN TIME MANAGEMENT MEANS POTENTIAL PROBLEMS, ON OUR OPINION”.

11. We work with our own technology. Therefore we don’t depend on any other company to take quick solutions and “drive” our activity, commercial and technically speaking.

12. We’ve invested in the “best state of the art” we know for fins and tubes production – TRIDAN TOOLS, USA. Same for sheet metal work and welding.

Each fin die or geometry of fin has its own press! Production only needs to press the button!

13. In terms of delivery time, after final approval or order, we work in a general base of 2 to 3 weeks in standard products and 3 to 5 weeks in specials.

14. We have final product in stocks, our own or from “call orders”, but we are ready to produce for the expedition scheduling dates, enabling our customers to work with regular supplies and minimum stocks.

As a résumé we are a modern and well equipped factory, born in the European refrigeration field, engineered to comply to European relevant standards, flexible in design and production, with open capacity for new markets and with a strong commitment to go there and understand its requirements and specific conditions in order to serve the best we know.


We do hope this Centauro introduction may bring to you the “potential of partnership we do believe we represent” and that future contacts will happen here or in your country.