CENTAURO (PORTUGAL) SGPS, S.A., is a group of companies based in Castelo Branco, Portugal. Production is carried out in between the two manufacturing plants in the town with a total covered area of approximately 36.000 m2.

CENTAURO initiated its activities in 1978 and is a manufacturer of equipment for the Refrigeration and HVAC industry which include standard and customised heat exchangers, refrigeration racks, water chillers, condensing units and specially designed products and solutions with added value. Distribution of its products is guaranteed through its centres in Portugal and Spain. Exporting since 1984, CENTAURO is present in different markets but mainly Europe, Africa, South America and Middle East.


Our export policy is based on a strong production center based in Castelo Branco – Portugal supported by our agents in each export market.

1978 - Foundation
1980 - End of 1.ª fase - reconstruction of old ceramics . start of production.
1981 - First international participation: “Interclima 81” – Paris.
1982 - Official Inauguration of Castanheira, Henriques & C.ª, Lda.
1983 - Start of exportations to United kingdom.
1988 - Commemoration of 10 years existence:
Inauguration of final expansion of Castanheira, Henriques & C.ª, Lda. branch
EXPO 88 - 750 professionals
of the branch meets together and its familiar ones.
1990 - In 1990 is taken the decision to risk the construction of a new manufactory unit
Centauro International project is born.
Agreement model for Centauro products.
1991 - Centauro Internacional construction has started
born of the idea to build Centauro (Portugal) S.G.P.S., S.A.
1992 - 92/07/04 Centauro Internacional inauguration congregates more than 1,200 professionals of the branch and its familiar ones.
92/04/10 Centauro (Portugal) S.G.P.S., S.A. is constituted
1993 - Certified product label (<np>) for all Centauro products
ISO 9002 - warranty of quality
1995 - C.E. Label
1997 - Eurovent. certification
1998 - ISO 9001/1995 –  Quality system Warranty
2003 - ISO 9001/2000 –  Quality System Management
2003 - Presentation of SAHE (Inox – NH3) range at "Climatização" Madrid
2003 - First exports of ammonium equipments
2004 - Centauro 25 Years – “Ventos de Mudança” – 25º Anniversary
2006 - Inauguração da nova linha de pintura e ampliação das Instalações (30.000m2 área aberta).
2007 - Apresentação na Feira Climatización Madrid da nova linha de condensadores ACP e evaporadores com motores EC
 2008  - Certificação ISO 9001-2008
 2009  - Enceramento das comemorações do 30º Aniversário da fundação da Centauro na Climatizacion 2009 - Madrid
 2010  - Comemoração dos 30 Anos do lançamento do primeiro catálogo de produtos Centauro - Sinerclima 2010 - Batalha
 2016  - Certificação ISO 9001-2015